Just a quick update; this bag has been the subject to a lot of delays, but this is because we want to get the design perfectly right.

Yes we would have made more money if we had simply remade the Goddess 3 ! 

But we knew we had to make sure the new Goddess was simply the very best Gym and travel bag in a fast changing marketplace - and did not want to compromise - so when in early 2018 we got the samples we thought we had it all worked out. But we had made maybe too many changes - and after testing with some really kind customers ( you know who you are ladies) we concluded that we should refine the design a bit more. 

Well two factory partner changes later we are almost there! It's been a journey as they say. The UK pound has had a hammering in the last two years so the prices have been a challenge to deal with as well.

We may well do a Kickstarter launch for the new Goddess 4 - which really is a magnificent bag with lots of clever and discrete new useful features... We have made it even better than the Goddess 3 for sure, and that was really difficult to do.

Please bear with us and sign up for our newsletter ( hello@workplay-bags)  if you have not done so already, and we will be sending out sneak previews of the bag.....

the good news is we are working on completing the new Goddess 4.  Read More

You'd think that putting on a running bag should be straight forward - but the Fleetfoot bag is quite unique and like no other running or walking bag on the market - it was designed for women and women have curves - so it is shaped to work with your curves naturally.

A man's running bag is shaped just as a straight strap - as it is designed to go around the waist, but this means it can dig into your waist and even ride up to your bust.

The Fleetfoot is designed to fit on the most stable and comfortable part of your body when running which is at the top of your hips. Here you can "lock" it onto the top of your hips so it does not move up and down and dig in or constrict your breathing.

We have made a little video which shows how to fit the bag so you can be comfortable running mile after mile.

( The bag shown is the Fleetfoot II which is identical to the fit of the Fleetfoot 3 Max).

How to fit the Workplay Fleetfoot running bag


We have had several people ask "what is the smallest size the Workplay bum bag will fit?"

Well the bag is basically a femininely shaped panel that is designed to fit to the hips - and secured in place with a adjustable webbing strap so it will fit a very wide range of sizes. We believe that anybody - either petite, or X size should be enabled to pursue their fitness ambitions - so we made the bag fit a wide size range. 

When we exhibited at the London Marathon we had lovely large girls and petite girls come and try our bags on - and they found that a running bum bag was such useful bag to have.

The Fleetfoot 3 max bag is designed to fit on your body at approximately at the same level on the hips - where you wear a pair of classic jeans - that is just across the hip bones.

The smallest size we think it will fit is somebody wth a size 31" hips ( this is around size 4 UK, or size 2 USA) and largest size it will fit is up to 51" hips ( around UK Size 22 or size 20 USA). (Please note these are HIP measurements not waist measurements!)

Now this means that on the smallest sizes there can be some waist strap webbing left over - so we included 3 elastic loops on the waist band to tidy away webbing.

None the less - some of our ladies like to cut that excess webbing off and this is best done by cutting to length - - we recommend add a few inches extra to allow for natural body measurement changes through time - and then melting the ends of the webbing, carefully and safely with a naked flame so the threads remain secure.

So if you decide to buy one for a loved one whatever size they are the bag should fit her just fine.


It’s that time of the year when the clocks have just gone back, its freezing cold and its always dark! That means evening running in the dusk, or not running at all.

When running on darker evenings we need to put more thought into our kit to stay safe – everything must be reflective & bright!

Whilst wearing a reflective jacket might sound like your only option, its not going to do much tied around your waist when you’re too hot and have to take it off is it?

So, how can you be safe & seen?

  • You could carry a light, but you’d much rather have both hands free if you're running on slippery roads.
  • You could brave it in the dark, but that isn’t the safest choice you could make.
  • You could run with the reflective fluro running bum bag just like runner Charlotte.

The Fleetfoot3 Max has reflective panels around the straps, giving 360° visibility. It’s also got a reflective panel at the back of the bag – for maximum safety when running near traffic. It also comes in fluro yellow for extra stand out security! 

You'll definitely be seen when doing your stretches at the side of the road - like Charlotte!

Another way to stay safe is to make sure you've got your mobile phone with you - just in case you do get into any trouble. & the Fleetfoot3 Max has a little pouch that is great to carry a mobile!

And if you do run with a jacket, you can easily tuck into the back of the bag if you get too hot.

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Isn’t it frustrating when you’re really getting into your run and strands of your ponytail keep slipping out? Your hair band somehow disappears into the grass and you’ve got a bit of hair poking you in the eye. Urgh!

So, here are 7 runners’ hairstyles that are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face & in place during a run or workout!

  •  The Headband

This style is perfect for winter. The headband keeps your ears warm as well as keeps those baby hair strands out of your eyes!


  •   The Short Hair Headband

 If you’ve got shorter hair which is difficult to scrape back into a pony – a headband or scarf is really handy to keep your hair out of the way when you run.


  •  The Classic Messy Bun

The messy bun is a great go-to hairstyle when you want to tuck your hair back, completely away from your face & neck. This look can take you straight from the office to running. 


  •  Tiered Ponytail

This alternative to the classic pony tail is great to tuck away your hair if it’s layered. It’s so easy to do and requires minimal effort!


  • Braids To Pigtails

This look is a great alternative to the ponytail. The braids keep the hair in place and away from your face – so you wont need to adjust it when you’re running.


  •  Braids To Bun

These braids will keep those short strands of hair out of your eyes when you’re running. The bun will take you from work to run without needing to change your hair style! Perfect for the after work run.


  •  The Bunched Ponytail

This alternative pony is great if you have layers in your hair. The bunches will keep layers from sticking out – it also makes the pony super secure so it won’t budge – even on windy days!


What’s your go to running hairstyle?

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For more running tips from Workplay Bags – see our top tips for running in Autumn post! 

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Runners all over the UK have been discovering if they got a place in the world’s largest annual fundraising event on the planet – The London Marathon 2017. Congrats if you got a place this year – hopefully you’re more excited than scared!

Now the place is secured, it’s a good idea to draft a training plan so you can ease your way into the 26.2 mile challenge! Including a healthy diet, weekly cardio & strength training to stabilise your core. There are some helpful 17 week training plans on the Virgin London Marathon website - click here 

Of course, you now have an excuse to treat yourself to a new training kit! Think fresh running shoes, lycra leggings & a running bag to match! Why not give our Fleetfoot running bag a go – just like Amy Childs did when she ran the London Marathon in 2013.

Amy childs with Workplay running bag

 (Note – Amy is wearing the Fleetfoot2) We have since upgraded this to the Fleetfoot3 MAX! – the new version can carry the larger phones that many of us have now.

Autumn is the perfect time to test out new running gear & find what works best for you – So you’re super prepared for the build up through the Winter and into Spring 2017.

On the other hand, if you didn’t get a place this year – don’t give up on your goals! There are plenty of races you can run in the meantime. To find your next race, click here & fingers crossed for next year!


It’s that time of the year when it’s freezing in the morning, mild by the afternoon and freezing again in the evening. The plummeting temperatures mean that running without a lightweight jacket in the evening is not a viable option – but where do you put it when you get too hot mid-way through your run? 

You could tie it around your waist – but you’d be adjusting it every so often to stop it falling off. How many times have you had to go back down the road to grab your jacket that’s fallen on the floor or almost tripped when it gets caught in your legs? - Too many!

You could keep it on, get too hot and have to take it off for a few minutes until you’ve cooled down enough to start up your run again – but that’s just impractical!

Well, we designed the Fleetfoot3 Max running bum bag so it could carry a jacket – it has special loops in the back just to help with this common running problem.

Would this help you on your run?


Run-commuting to work is all the rage and an easy way to get in a few extra miles – without having to set aside dedicated time for a run or visit to the gym. But, the one problem is deciding how you’re going to carry all the essentials with you - including a change of shoes.

When commuting to work you may have to carry some office essentials, such as documents or an iPad but you also may have to carry a few extra things:

  • A makeup bag: to touch up your face after the run
  • Toiletries: to freshen up
  • Work shoes: for the office
  • A change of clothes: office/running kit
  • Towel or wipes: for a wipe down after the run
  • Lunch & snacks: to make it through the day

So you need to carry quite a few extras to do a trendy ‘run-commute’!

You might choose to run before work, run home from work, or both! Regardless of the choice you make, you’re going to need somewhere to store your smelly running shoes without challenging your friends with the smells! So, where do you keep them?

  • Rotting in a plastic carrier bag?
  • Stuffed into your work handbag?
  • Hidden beneath your desk?

Well, in the Gymwise II there is a shoe compartment so you can hide them there and when you get home you can pull out the lining to help air it out!

So – ‘run commute’ requires some planning as well as the right kit and that’s why we designed the Gymwise2. For carrying your shoes and all other essentials both during your walk to work as well as during the day in the office.


For more info have a read of Mollies Blog - How to survive a 'run-commute' 


The GymBuddy is a hidden gem that is included with the Goddess bag. It’s often overlooked as just a toiletries bag, but it can be used for so much more.

First, lets look at the main features of the GymBuddy. It has two compartments inside which can hold full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant. It also has a pouch at the back of the bag, where you can put wipes or other toiletries. The bag has a neat handle - which means that it can hang up in the showers for easy access to all your shower essentials. The thing I love about this bag is the removable mirror, which is great if you go to the gym before work and don’t want to fight for mirror space in the changing rooms!

So that’s the basic functions – what else can it do?

Do you walk around the gym with a bundle of items - a sweat towel, water bottle, mobile phone, mp3 player and other stuff? Well, the GymBuddy is great for carrying these items around the gym, being a small bag with 2 compartments and lots of pockets. It has a pocket on the back, which is great for carrying your water bottle. With the inside pockets, you can carry a full size body spray to freshen up between classes. It’s compact and easy to carry.

This makes the GymBuddy the perfect workout companion as well as a toiletries bag. The GymBuddy is available with the Goddess bag and is now available to buy separately!


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