The Workplay Bags Story

Workplay Bags is a British Design Company specialising in Sporting Goods for women. We challenge what it means to design women's bags. The small details. The fit. The support. We sweat the tiny stuff.

Workplay Bags was founded by Designer and Sports Enthusiast, Guy Mathiot. Guy has decades of design experience working for major brands like Puma, Asics and Berghaus. In the 1990s, he was frustrated that the status quo back then in the sports world was that just adding colour and fashion details to make a "woman's" sports bag. He knew this wasn't enough.

Guy had designed women’s sports wear for many years, and instead knew women needed more practical solutions. Guy partnered with many well known brands for a period of time before deciding to launch his own company Workplay.

Workplay Bags was founded and launched to the public at the Vitality Show in London, March 2010. We were ecstatic to find that women really liked our ideas to make bags that were well organised inside yet sleek on the outside and comfortable to carry.

Since launch, we have won numerous awards for our designs and sell worldwide. We remain a niche specialist brand that has created what we think are the perfect comfortable running bags and walking bags for women. Our future plans are to develop a wider collection of bags for all the things a woman would want from fitness, to nurture, to pamper, to play. 

Amy Childs wearing Workplay Bags
Amy Childs wearing our Fleetfoot 3 Max Running Belt

Copying: Please note we are proud of our designs and will defend any copying of its intellectual property. We are members of ACID (Anti Copying In Design) and hold IP protection insurance.

We also have a design consultancy called Design IQ (see where we design bags and textile equipment for brands and start-ups worldwide. We are inventive and love a design problem so we welcome sales enquiries from people who want to make new bags. Interested? Just email Workplay Bags is a trademark and brand owned by Design IQ Ltd.