Buying the best Runners bum bag - but will it fit?

We have had several people ask "what is the smallest size the Workplay bum bag will fit?"

Well the bag is basically a femininely shaped panel that is designed to fit to the hips - and secured in place with a adjustable webbing strap so it will fit a very wide range of sizes. We believe that anybody - either petite, or X size should be enabled to pursue their fitness ambitions - so we made the bag fit a wide size range. 

When we exhibited at the London Marathon we had lovely large girls and petite girls come and try our bags on - and they found that a running bum bag was such useful bag to have.

The Fleetfoot 3 max bag is designed to fit on your body at approximately at the same level on the hips - where you wear a pair of classic jeans - that is just across the hip bones.

The smallest size we think it will fit is somebody wth a size 31" hips ( this is around size 4 UK, or size 2 USA) and largest size it will fit is up to 51" hips ( around UK Size 22 or size 20 USA). (Please note these are HIP measurements not waist measurements!)

Now this means that on the smallest sizes there can be some waist strap webbing left over - so we included 3 elastic loops on the waist band to tidy away webbing.

None the less - some of our ladies like to cut that excess webbing off and this is best done by cutting to length - - we recommend add a few inches extra to allow for natural body measurement changes through time - and then melting the ends of the webbing, carefully and safely with a naked flame so the threads remain secure.

So if you decide to buy one for a loved one whatever size they are the bag should fit her just fine.