How to fit the Fleetfoot 3 Max ladies running bag

You'd think that putting on a running bag should be straight forward - but the Fleetfoot bag is quite unique and like no other running or walking bag on the market - it was designed for women and women have curves - so it is shaped to work with your curves naturally.

A man's running bag is shaped just as a straight strap - as it is designed to go around the waist, but this means it can dig into your waist and even ride up to your bust.

The Fleetfoot is designed to fit on the most stable and comfortable part of your body when running which is at the top of your hips. Here you can "lock" it onto the top of your hips so it does not move up and down and dig in or constrict your breathing.

We have made a little video which shows how to fit the bag so you can be comfortable running mile after mile.

( The bag shown is the Fleetfoot II which is identical to the fit of the Fleetfoot 3 Max).

How to fit the Workplay Fleetfoot running bag