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We are proud to have won another award for one of our designs. We have won the Silver Award for "Best Running Accessory" in the 2014 Running Awards. This Award was voted for by the public internationally, and confirms that the "Fleetfoot II" that we launched in 2011 remains a favourite must have running accessory.

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The Women's Running Magazine Awards

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We are also tremendously proud that after testing masses of products from many different brands - we have been awarded a Silver Award for Best Running Accessory of 2012. This is an open letter "thank you" to all the women who bought this bag, used it and made it their go to bag.

Workplay In the Press

Workplay in the pressWorkplay in the pressWorkplay in the pressWorkplay in the pressWorkplay in the pressWorkplay in the press

FleetFoot III review by Life Coach Mollie M.

Personal Trainer Recommendation

 Mercury Hydration Backpack review by Running Fitness magazine

Mercury backpack press feature

Workplay Fleetfoot II review by FitBits blog

Fitbits blog reviews the fleetfoot

Fitbits blog reviews the fleetfoot

Fleetfoot II review by runner Nicki D.

Nicki D customer image

We get a lot of customers returning to buy the same bag, here is what Nicki D. said about her Fleetfoot II Bag: "This bag has been great, but has been washed and worn to death, despite still going strong, I would quite like to buy a replacement. It has faithfully and comfortably been strapped around my waist, full of goodies, for the Paris marathon, the Great North Run, several half marathons, and hundreds of fitness runs in all weathers ( as you can see). It sometimes goes horse riding too. Thanks so much for the discovery of this fab product."
Nicki D.

Fleetfoot II review by Psychotherapist Mel Riley

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Just had a great review from Psychotherapist and Life Coach Mel Riley about her Fleetfoot II running bag.

"I started running in the winter and my thermal running gear just doesn’t have pockets, so I would stuff my phone in one glove and my Ipod mini in the other and manage to hold a water bottle. My door  key would go round my neck on a string. When I got hot I couldn’t take my gloves or hat off as I simply had no free hands. It just was more of a juggling act than I wanted to have at 6.30am. A Personal Trainer tweeted about the Fleetfoot II running bag on twitter and having watched the video, I just had to have one and it arrived two days later.  Now I can run with my phone, keys, water, iPod, tissues and coins for if I need more water and when I get hot my gloves and hat go in the bungee bit at the back.  I wouldn’t be without my Running bag and in the summer when I am take the dogs out in a dress with no pockets, I add a few poop bags and I am good to go. Keys phone, tissues are all in there and it doubles up as a great dog walking bag, because with two dogs I need my hands free. Some say its expensive but I think its worth the investment, the design is great and it so lightweight and comfortable, I would be lost without my little bag. I love my running bag"

Mel Riley

Psychotherapist - Life Coach Wolverhampton.

Fleetfoot II review by customer Claire G.

We appreciate new customers unsolicited feedback very highly - this is how we learn how to make great products. This is what Claire G. Had to say about her Fleetfoot II running bag:

"I thought I'd drop you a line to give you my feedback regarding my new Fleetfoot bag.  It arrived on Friday as promised and I was excited to try it out.

I had a 7-mile run planned on Saturday morning in training for the BUPA Great Birmingham Run in October so I fitted it as instructed once I was dressed before proceeding to pop in my essentials.   At first glance, it didn't look like I'd be able to fit as much in it as the pictures suggested but I was amazed to find how easily things fitted in and were easily accessible when I needed them.  I didn't have a water bottle to fit it (one is a large bottle I have ready for a post run drink and another is a handheld, loop-type running bottle) so I bought a bottle of water from the shop which worked although I was worried it might leak.  I have since bought a small 330ml Systema bottle which fits a treat!  

I found during the warm up lap that it wobbled about a bit and that I had  fitted it too low on my hips but it was easy to tighten it up on the move.  Soon into the run I almost forgot it was there! It really is very comfortable and didn't hurt the small of my bag considering I had a bottle of water sat there for the whole route.   Although it cost much more than I really wanted to pay for a running bag, having tried it I certainly think it's well worth the money and will be using for all my long runs. 

I noticed on Saturday that one of our run leaders had the same bag and I asked her about it. She said she has had it for a while and was singing its praises too. I think a few other ladies in the group were heading home to Google them!"

Claire G. Sept 2nd 2013

Fleetfoot II featured by Running Fitness Magazine

Proud to see Running Fitness Magazine featuring the "Gymwise II" womens backpack as a "HOT PRODUCT".


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Review of the Mercury Hydration Backpack on FromStrengthToStrength Blog. 

Review of the Fleetfoot II from twitter by Vikki Sivertsen - British AG champion (2015), World AG duathlon bronze (sprint) 2014. British AG duathlon championship (standard silver 2016)

 Fleetfoot customer image

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