'Run-commuting' to work tips

Run-commuting to work is all the rage and an easy way to get in a few extra miles – without having to set aside dedicated time for a run or visit to the gym. But, the one problem is deciding how you’re going to carry all the essentials with you - including a change of shoes.

When commuting to work you may have to carry some office essentials, such as documents or an iPad but you also may have to carry a few extra things:

  • A makeup bag: to touch up your face after the run
  • Toiletries: to freshen up
  • Work shoes: for the office
  • A change of clothes: office/running kit
  • Towel or wipes: for a wipe down after the run
  • Lunch & snacks: to make it through the day

So you need to carry quite a few extras to do a trendy ‘run-commute’!

You might choose to run before work, run home from work, or both! Regardless of the choice you make, you’re going to need somewhere to store your smelly running shoes without challenging your friends with the smells! So, where do you keep them?

  • Rotting in a plastic carrier bag?
  • Stuffed into your work handbag?
  • Hidden beneath your desk?

Well, in the Gymwise II there is a shoe compartment so you can hide them there and when you get home you can pull out the lining to help air it out!

So – ‘run commute’ requires some planning as well as the right kit and that’s why we designed the Gymwise2. For carrying your shoes and all other essentials both during your walk to work as well as during the day in the office.


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