Terms & Conditions

By entering this site you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use as below. When you place an order online you indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Time of acceptance of order

We appreciate every order from our customers. After placing an order you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received your order, but this does not mean your order has been accepted. Just so you know - our trading terms are that an order is in fact accepted and a contract formed when you receive an email confirmation that an order has been dispatched to you. We reserve the right to decline an order at our absolute discretion.

When your order is dispatched (which will be usually the same day but may be within 2 days) you will receive another email as confirmation of dispatch.

Please note that once your order has been confirmed we cannot alter your order, and it cannot be cancelled once it has been dispatched. If there are any problems with sending, money or security issues we will contact you by email. 

Ooops! Mistakes

In the event of a mistake by our online shopping system which leads to an undercharging of due costs we reserve the right to charge the balance due, but only after advising you and giving you the option to cancel. Also in the unlikely event of an overcharge we will refund whatever is due. Any other mistakes we will own up too and always welcome your feedback in the event we can do something better.

We accept all legal consumer rights of the UK.

It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations please contact us. 

Free returns within 14 days in the UK

We only provide free of charge returns within the UK, and only for full priced items. If you have bought with a discount or Sale items the cost of return carriage is your responsibility. We recommend you arrange signed for services when returning items. This does not affect your right to return items within 14 days for a refund.


During 'High Holiday' periods like Christmas and summer and Easter Holidays dispatch of goods can take a little longer than usual due to staff availability. In this case goods may be delayed in dispatch for up to a week, we hope this is not too inconvenient, but in the event we cannot dispatch the goods within 7 working days we are happy to refund your money.


We try to make sure we have good stock of all we show on in the shop, but sometimes items sell out quicker than we can update the system. If that happens we will let you know, and either offer to refund you straight away or tell you when goods will be in stock so you can choose which option suits you best.

Product care;

Please follow the care label instructions in our bags. Please do not wash bags and do not wash clothing inside laundry bags etc (for instance taffeta bags). In event you choose to wash bags you may do this at your own risk, and we do not take responsibility for damage. Bags are not clothing and are in fact "equipment" and not designed or constructed to be washed. If you have a problem though please do let us know and without obligation and liability we are happy to give you advice how to clean bags.

How to return a bag:

When returning a bag, please take care to pack it in the same way as you received it.... please read on for guidance;

When returning a Backpack:

Do not fold the bag in half as you may damage the back panel, as this will make the bag un-saleable and we cannot refund you if this happens regardless of the reasons for return.

Running bags (the Fleetfoot bags):

Please note items like our running bags, which are worn near the skin - like underwear can absorb sweat and are not returnable after use.

When returning a Goddess bag:

Please do not fold the bag in half along it's length as you may damage the stiff board in the bottom of the bag - if this stiff panel is bent or damaged we cannot resell the bags and we cannot therefore refund or replace your bag regardless of the reasons for return.

  1. In the centre compartment - lift up the bottom panel. 

  2. (If you are returning the wash bag, laundry bag and shoe bag please put them all in the centre compartment.)

  3.  Then push the bottom of the bag up inside the bottom of the bag  - this helps make the bag go flat along it's length.

  4. Then push the main body of the bag down flat along it's longest side. Be careful not to fold zips so tightly they can break.The bag should now be flattened along it's longest side.

  5. Please pack the bag in the same sort of way to the way you received it - in a sturdy poly bag, this way it will weigh no more than 2kg when packed.

If you are returning a bag for repair the same advice applies, you only need to return the bag that needs repair or replacement. Please note that when you return goods to us you have a responsibility to take care of the goods.

Please refer to SHIPPING, RETURNS and FAQ, for any other aspects of Terms and Conditions of trading. 

All trading is conducted under the applicable Laws of the United Kingdom, of England.