Women's Award Winning Running Belt Bum Bag with Security and Safety Features

Fleetfoot 3 Max, our innovative running bum bag

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Customer reviews

A Personal Trainer tweeted about the Fleetfoot II running bag and having watched the video on their website, I just had to have one. Now I can run with everything on me! I wouldn’t be without my running bag. It doubles up as a great dog walking bag because I need my hands free. I think its worth the investment, the design is great and it is so lightweight and comfortable, I would be lost without my little bag.

M Riley

Soon into my first run with the Fleetfoot II, I almost forgot it was there! It really is very comfortable and didn't hurt the small of my bag considering I had a bottle of water sat there for the whole route.   Although it cost much more than I really wanted to pay for a running bag, having tried it I certainly think it's well worth the money and will be using for all my long runs. 

Claire G

I've had the luggage bag for a few weeks now and couldn't imagine my daily life without it any more. I'm a person who likes everything to have a place and everything to be in its place and this bag has been amazing. At first glance you might think that the different compartments are overkill and / or gimmicky but I can honestly say that there isn't a compartment in the bag that I don't use! 

Hannah S