The GymBuddy - The new sports essentials bag!

The GymBuddy is a hidden gem that is included with the Goddess bag. It’s often overlooked as just a toiletries bag, but it can be used for so much more.

First, lets look at the main features of the GymBuddy. It has two compartments inside which can hold full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant. It also has a pouch at the back of the bag, where you can put wipes or other toiletries. The bag has a neat handle - which means that it can hang up in the showers for easy access to all your shower essentials. The thing I love about this bag is the removable mirror, which is great if you go to the gym before work and don’t want to fight for mirror space in the changing rooms!

So that’s the basic functions – what else can it do?

Do you walk around the gym with a bundle of items - a sweat towel, water bottle, mobile phone, mp3 player and other stuff? Well, the GymBuddy is great for carrying these items around the gym, being a small bag with 2 compartments and lots of pockets. It has a pocket on the back, which is great for carrying your water bottle. With the inside pockets, you can carry a full size body spray to freshen up between classes. It’s compact and easy to carry.

This makes the GymBuddy the perfect workout companion as well as a toiletries bag. The GymBuddy is available with the Goddess bag and is now available to buy separately!