Last week, I was welcomed to the Workplay bags team as marketing assistant! I was set the challenge of going for a run over the weekend (eek!) with the iconic organised ladies running bag - the Fleetfoot3max ! Obviously, being a girly girl, the look of the bag is important to me and thats why I chose the berry colour. Here is my review of using the running bag.

The weather was not great over the weekend which meant I had to take a jacket out with me. Usually this means tying it around my waist and having to adjust it as it slips down my legs! However, with the Fleetfoot3max I was able to tuck the jacket into the back of the bag, I even forgot it was there! (Until it started raining!).

I usually struggle to find a place to carry all the necessities when I go on a run: phone, keys, water bottle, earphones and sometimes snacks. I've used bags before but I'm put off by running to the sound of my keys! The Fleetfoot3max surprised me with the noise-muffling pocket - so I was able to run to my own music, rather than my keys clunking! I was delighted that I could fit my iPhone 6s perfectly into the bag. The handy headphone port stopped my cables tangling, as well as being able to fully close the zip on the bag, making my phone secure.  

Overall, the Fleetfoot3max made my workout more enjoyable as I didn't have to worry about losing anything and literally everything has been thought of! 

I am now helping to manage the social media for workplay and I'd love to hear your thoughts about your workplay bag - as I've got so much to learn! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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We love it when a new customer takes their time to consider buying one of our bags and then when they go ahead are thrilled with it - and lets us know about it. This is what Sam M had to say in a review of the Goddess ladies gym bag on our facebook page...


We are now closed for the Festive period, and will re-open Monday 4th January 2016. We would like to wish all our customers a lovely holiday in the company of the people they cherish.

We will be thinking of all our customers opening their presents on Christmas Day, and will keep an eye on emails if we can be of any assistance.

Wishing Love and Happiness for everybody, and care and comfort for any not so lucky at this time of year.


What is the difference between a Workplay Goddess II and a Goddess III ?

We often get this question about the difference between a Goddess II and a Goddess III - so we have made a video about it

Basically the Goddess II is very similar to the version III, but the 2 is made of a matt fabric that is a tiny bit heavier than the sheen fabric in the version III.
There are also many other small details that were added in the III but in terms of utility they are much the same. It's a classic case of having designed something that "really works" - at each production run we like to add in even tiny improvements that have come from our customers feedback and our design inspiration.

We hope this helps explain the difference between a Goddess 2 and 3.
We hope you will find the Goddess is the best ladies gym bag whichever version you buy.


Lots of excitement at the Workplay design studio today - because the small amount of stock that we arranged for Pre-xmas delivery has arrived with us.

After 2 years of planning and 3 months of intense product design, development and sampling our new little running bag production stock is here!

As I write we have been up late on a Friday night doing what we do every time a new bag is launched - checking the bags down the tiniest details -  and we are thrilled the quality has come out just as we wanted.

So the good news is - as promised we will be despatching the first orders early next week! The main stock will arrive in January so if you want to buy a Workplay Fleetfoot 3 max ladies running bag for a Christmas gift please place your order soon!


We'd like to thank all the people who have pre-ordered the new fleetfoot 3 Max. The following is an estimate only please note. We expect to receive the bags around next Monday 7th December and we will start despatching them straight after they have been checked into the warehouse, so basically they will be on their way to customers during next week.

Thank you for your patience while all this is done!


The Fleetfoot 3 Max ladies running bag carries an iPhone 6.

We designed the Fleetfoot 3 Max to carry one of the new generation of larger screen phones - So we decided the iPhone 6 was a good size to work around and as you can see in the pictures below it fits in easily. In one picture you can see an iphone with no case on - and in the second picture an iphone with a huge bulky padded protective case. This way you can se it's got plenty of room for other things inside the bag as well.

The bag is not flat - it's about 6cms deep ( 2.5 inches approx) at the top so there's space inside for more....!

No case on iPhone 6

Big bulky protective case on iPhone 6

And hey! who doesn't want more space? - but by keeping the shape a low profile bag we help stop it jumping around by making it a snug fit.


Needless to say some customers are asking what is the difference between the earlier Fleetfoot II and now the new Fleetfoot 3 Max?!

Here is the answer!

Well visually it does not look a lot different - but in fact there are lots of improvements! Firstly the Fleetfoot 3 Max has a larger pocket - to hold large phones like the iPhone 6 - and also have space for snacks and even a ventilator or banana! So the pocket is bigger and it has a far more high quality tailored construction with lots of safety reflective piping.

( In the picture abobe the Black bag is the Fleetfoot II and the Berry colour bags is the Fleetfoot 3 Max)

Anyway here's more details about the differences.....Inside it now has a key clip on a leash so you can find your keys easily, and the coin and card holder it had before.

On the outside of the pocket it now has two places where you can attach lights to the back of the bag and the water bottle pocket is now bigger so you can carry more inside that.

The waist band now has even more reflectivness and on the left side it has four elastic loops to hold your energy gells and snacks for quick and easy access while running.

All around the main bag it is now bound in lovely soft microfleece so no chaffing while wearing skimpy clothing in summer!

Overall the shape of the overall bag is improved, it's bigger - adding only around an extra 26grammes, and like the Award Winning Fleetfoot II its designed to be worn securly at the top of your hips so it does not ride up and bounce about!

Here is a photo showing the two bags. We hope you will be pleased to see we have move refined a really good design and made it even better for all those amazing miles ahead.


At long last here is the new Workplay Bags web shop! We hope you will like it, and find it both easier to use, and more informative.

Not only are we launching the web site by putting the new Fleetfoot 3 Max on sale today!

You can now choose different kinds of shipping methods... and see the prices in your own currency if you are visiting from outside the UK.

Also you can now view the web shop on your mobile device - so basically we have a modern responsive web site now and are celebrating by launching the ladies running bag the Fleetfoot 3 Max at the same time. We'd like to thank all the people who have been waiting for this new bag for their patience while we perfected it.

If you have any comments on the new web shop we would love to hear from you!


We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Fleetfoot 3 Max ladies running bag. This is the result of 2 years of trying to improve upon the Award winning Fleefoot II ladies running bag. Well it's been pretty tricky improving something that we were told was so many customers best running buddy - but we think we have done it!

Mobile phones have got bigger - so we have made the main pocket bigger - but not just for the phone. Many customers wanted to carry more - and some need to carry ventilators and all sorts of other stuff! So the pocket is now much bigger but still a lovely shape. In fact we think we have improved the shape - it retains that lovely curve that looks good on your bum (!) but also have added piping and we've made the overall construction far more defined - so it keeps it's shape and looks elegant. 

Having said that - when you tuck a jacket into the back like this ... the pretty shape is not as important as the fact you can take off your jacket and tuck it in the back - and not have to worry about having to tie it around your waist when you get hot!

All you marathoners out there said you wanted to carry gels and snacks on the waist band so we have added 4 loops for that and we have also added a elasticated key leash so you can fish your keys out easily.

Another feature we have added is the Lightholder. We have added one at the top and one at the bottom at the back so you have a choice where to place it. With more reflective all around the bag we hope it will help you be seen in all conditions and help make you feel and know you are safer and more visible.

Oh! and we almost forgot! We have added two new colours. A berry colour like the best selling Goddess III and a Fluro yellow so you are safer in the dark nights ahead. We hope you like the new Fleetfoot3max.

You can now order the new running bag - only a small amount will be available initially - they will be here around 1st week December in time for Christmas, and sent out on a 1st come 1st served basis - so please order soon if you'd like to put one in somebody's Christmas stocking!