What is the difference between the Fleetfoot II and NEW Fleetfoot 3 Max ?

Needless to say some customers are asking what is the difference between the earlier Fleetfoot II and now the new Fleetfoot 3 Max?!

Here is the answer!

Well visually it does not look a lot different - but in fact there are lots of improvements! Firstly the Fleetfoot 3 Max has a larger pocket - to hold large phones like the iPhone 6 - and also have space for snacks and even a ventilator or banana! So the pocket is bigger and it has a far more high quality tailored construction with lots of safety reflective piping.

( In the picture abobe the Black bag is the Fleetfoot II and the Berry colour bags is the Fleetfoot 3 Max)

Anyway here's more details about the differences.....Inside it now has a key clip on a leash so you can find your keys easily, and the coin and card holder it had before.

On the outside of the pocket it now has two places where you can attach lights to the back of the bag and the water bottle pocket is now bigger so you can carry more inside that.

The waist band now has even more reflectivness and on the left side it has four elastic loops to hold your energy gells and snacks for quick and easy access while running.

All around the main bag it is now bound in lovely soft microfleece so no chaffing while wearing skimpy clothing in summer!

Overall the shape of the overall bag is improved, it's bigger - adding only around an extra 26grammes, and like the Award Winning Fleetfoot II its designed to be worn securly at the top of your hips so it does not ride up and bounce about!

Here is a photo showing the two bags. We hope you will be pleased to see we have move refined a really good design and made it even better for all those amazing miles ahead.