Will my BIG phone fit in the new Fleetfoot 3 max?

The Fleetfoot 3 Max ladies running bag carries an iPhone 6.

We designed the Fleetfoot 3 Max to carry one of the new generation of larger screen phones - So we decided the iPhone 6 was a good size to work around and as you can see in the pictures below it fits in easily. In one picture you can see an iphone with no case on - and in the second picture an iphone with a huge bulky padded protective case. This way you can se it's got plenty of room for other things inside the bag as well.

The bag is not flat - it's about 6cms deep ( 2.5 inches approx) at the top so there's space inside for more....!

No case on iPhone 6

Big bulky protective case on iPhone 6

And hey! who doesn't want more space? - but by keeping the shape a low profile bag we help stop it jumping around by making it a snug fit.