So excited to launch our new web site - with a new Fleetfoot bag

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Fleetfoot 3 Max ladies running bag. This is the result of 2 years of trying to improve upon the Award winning Fleefoot II ladies running bag. Well it's been pretty tricky improving something that we were told was so many customers best running buddy - but we think we have done it!

Mobile phones have got bigger - so we have made the main pocket bigger - but not just for the phone. Many customers wanted to carry more - and some need to carry ventilators and all sorts of other stuff! So the pocket is now much bigger but still a lovely shape. In fact we think we have improved the shape - it retains that lovely curve that looks good on your bum (!) but also have added piping and we've made the overall construction far more defined - so it keeps it's shape and looks elegant. 

Having said that - when you tuck a jacket into the back like this ... the pretty shape is not as important as the fact you can take off your jacket and tuck it in the back - and not have to worry about having to tie it around your waist when you get hot!

All you marathoners out there said you wanted to carry gels and snacks on the waist band so we have added 4 loops for that and we have also added a elasticated key leash so you can fish your keys out easily.

Another feature we have added is the Lightholder. We have added one at the top and one at the bottom at the back so you have a choice where to place it. With more reflective all around the bag we hope it will help you be seen in all conditions and help make you feel and know you are safer and more visible.

Oh! and we almost forgot! We have added two new colours. A berry colour like the best selling Goddess III and a Fluro yellow so you are safer in the dark nights ahead. We hope you like the new Fleetfoot3max.

You can now order the new running bag - only a small amount will be available initially - they will be here around 1st week December in time for Christmas, and sent out on a 1st come 1st served basis - so please order soon if you'd like to put one in somebody's Christmas stocking!