We often get asked what the difference is between the lovely Goddess II & III. Here’s a summary of the differences - so you can make the right choice for you!

First I'll start with the similarities, both bags:

  • Have a 35 litres/9.25 US gallons capacity. Just the right size to fit gym lockers and most airlines carry one allowances.
  • Feature a shoe compartment 
  • Have 5 tuck away pockets inside for your 'smalls'
  • Come with taffeta laundry and shoe bag
  • Have a large document pocket in the top of the bag - that easily fits an iPad or small laptop!
  • Include the signature Workplay gym locker coin pocket
  • Feature the water bottle pouch
  • Include the 'gym buddy': the ultimate toiletries bag that can hang in gym showers or use as your small bag while using the gym.
  • Include a large wet pocket, to keep damp and dry clothes separate. 

The main difference are the colours. Also, the Goddess III is made from a sheen-finish fabric and is lighter-weight. We've also added some handy key features such as:

  • Rubber coated base to keep the bag clean and damp proof on wet floors.
  • D-ring inside the bag to carry your keys or a locker padlock
  • Dedicated jewellery pocket with a zip  
  • Key clip in the outside pocket for easy access to your keys or membership pass
  • A water bottle tensioner to stop your bottle falling out of the bag
  • Reinforced piping to stop wear and tear on the corners 

Hopefully this has helped you choose which Goddess is for you!


We've also made a YouTube video if you want to SEE the differences.

Follow to link to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Ugmx9YIgE


What is the difference between a Workplay Goddess II and a Goddess III ?

We often get this question about the difference between a Goddess II and a Goddess III - so we have made a video about it

Basically the Goddess II is very similar to the version III, but the 2 is made of a matt fabric that is a tiny bit heavier than the sheen fabric in the version III.
There are also many other small details that were added in the III but in terms of utility they are much the same. It's a classic case of having designed something that "really works" - at each production run we like to add in even tiny improvements that have come from our customers feedback and our design inspiration.

We hope this helps explain the difference between a Goddess 2 and 3.
We hope you will find the Goddess is the best ladies gym bag whichever version you buy.