We are right in the middle of summer and that means summer holidays are in full swing! Today, I am off to sunny Spain for a week with a few of the girls - it’s great to get away from the cloudy weather we’ve had in the UK recently.

The last few weeks have been spent panic buying new clothes that I don't need and trying to organise my outfits for each day and night of the week. But, when it came to actually packing, I realised that not everything was going to fit into my suitcase. Luggage allowances are getting smaller and the cost of sneaking in the extra kilo is getting higher.

Like most ladies, I like having lots of options to choose from because I can never decide what to wear - despite my efforts to plan outfits. The heaviest items to pack are both toiletries and shoes - with the 100ml limit in hand luggage, toiletries have to stay in the suitcase but its a good idea to pack shoes in your hand luggage. So, whats the best way to organise them?

Thats when I thought of the Goddess bag, it’s lightweight, carries everything and it fits most airline carry-on regulations! It has a shoe compartment, which is really useful when carrying your trainers to go from work to the gym. But, in terms of travelling, its a great place to store an few extra pairs of sandals - freeing up enough space in your suitcase for another outfit - or two!

I will also carried a few magazines, my iPad and some naughty snacks for the plane - I’m in holiday mode so I’m having a cheat-week! I could also fit all the duty free shopping that I splashed out on at the airport too!

If you're looking for a new travel bag, the Goddess bag could be right for you!


It's holiday season! This time last week, I was jetting off to Prague for a short city break. Due to the short nature of the trip, I decided to travel with hand luggage only.

I packed all my items, perfectly arranged – clothes folded neatly, toiletries below 100ml and a magazine at the top of my bag! I trotted through the airport, dragging my hand luggage-sized suitcase safely to the departure lounge and onto the plane. Having run 5k on the weekend, I was looking forwards to treating myself to a couple of naughty chocs on the plane!

Rushing onto the plane, the lady looked at my bag and explained that the cabin locker space was full and I couldn’t take my bag on board. The flight attendant was ushering everyone else who had bags with wheels to leave their bags. I frantically started pulling out everything I thought I would need during the flight and rushed to the back of the queue. ‘He’s got a bigger bag than me?' -  Looking through tired eyes I noticed lots of people with bigger bags that didn’t have wheels!

Maybe the trick is to not use a bag with wheels! ‘I should have brought my Goddess bag!’ I thought to myself whilst my ears blocked as the plane took off.

During the flight, I noticed that I had only gone and grabbed the bag with my laundry instead of my treat bag – the embarrassment! I guess that bags without wheels are better to carry when flying with hold luggage only. I’ve learned my lesson!

I’ll take my Goddess bag next time. It fits EasyJet carry-on regulations and holds everything - the perfect travel companion!