Don't you hate it when you can't take your bag on a flight...

It's holiday season! This time last week, I was jetting off to Prague for a short city break. Due to the short nature of the trip, I decided to travel with hand luggage only.

I packed all my items, perfectly arranged – clothes folded neatly, toiletries below 100ml and a magazine at the top of my bag! I trotted through the airport, dragging my hand luggage-sized suitcase safely to the departure lounge and onto the plane. Having run 5k on the weekend, I was looking forwards to treating myself to a couple of naughty chocs on the plane!

Rushing onto the plane, the lady looked at my bag and explained that the cabin locker space was full and I couldn’t take my bag on board. The flight attendant was ushering everyone else who had bags with wheels to leave their bags. I frantically started pulling out everything I thought I would need during the flight and rushed to the back of the queue. ‘He’s got a bigger bag than me?' -  Looking through tired eyes I noticed lots of people with bigger bags that didn’t have wheels!

Maybe the trick is to not use a bag with wheels! ‘I should have brought my Goddess bag!’ I thought to myself whilst my ears blocked as the plane took off.

During the flight, I noticed that I had only gone and grabbed the bag with my laundry instead of my treat bag – the embarrassment! I guess that bags without wheels are better to carry when flying with hold luggage only. I’ve learned my lesson!

I’ll take my Goddess bag next time. It fits EasyJet carry-on regulations and holds everything - the perfect travel companion!