Returns & faulty goods

Here is our returns policy:

You might want to return a bag because it is not suitable...

If so - within 14 days we offer free returns within the UK.

If you are outside the UK we offer to refund your bag cost including the outbound carriage costs upon return - but not your return carriage costs.

You might want to return faulty goods:

If you find your bag is damaged or faulty through a manufacturing fault here is how we handle any issues:

Firstly we will usually ask you to send us a photo of the problem to

If we can diagnose from photos whether the problem is a manufacturing fault we will take the next steps.

If the bag is faulty through a manufacturing fault we will with no quibble offer you a refund or a replacement if one is available, as well as refund your reasonable postage in returning it too us or collect the bag free of charge at our discretion*.

If we cannot tell how the problem has happened we will ask you to return the bag to be checked by our experts at your cost. If on receipt we find the bag is faulty through a manufacturing fault we will proceed as described above*.

This is unlikely to happen - but please note if you return an item reporting it faulty, but we find it is not in fact faulty through manufacture but maybe damaged through lack of care or abuse, or wear and tear we will not offer a refund. If that was the case it can be returned to you at your cost or disposed of as we see fit failing that. We will apply fair and reasonable discretion where there is an element of doubt, and always aim to be fair.

If you return a bag claiming it is faulty for a refund - but on checking it we find it is not actually faulty - if it is in perfect original condition we will be able to treat it as a straight forward unwanted item and refund you the purchase price of the bag if you return it within the 14 days return time period.

Bags are not indestructible, and if mishandled or treated roughly can be damaged. So if you return an item to us claiming it is faulty, but on studying it we conclude the problem was caused by neglect or lack of care and damage caused by yourself - we reserve the right to decline to give you a full refund but offer you a part refund or replacement at a reduced cost at our discretion.

Our prime concern is that you have a good product, and we will always default to trying to make sure you are happy - but we think it is reasonable that bags are treated with reasonable care.

Please please pack all returns with care! 

Refunds of postage are at our discretion as described above, and the maximum we will refund is the amount we charged to send it too you.

If you have requested and paid for a faster or special delivery service we will only refund the standard cost of delivery in the event you want to return the goods to us.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

To send us any returns please send your parcel to:

Workplay Bags

c/o Design IQ Ltd.

The Old Co-Op
38-42 Chelsea Road



United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)117 954 8003.

Please include a brief note describing the reason for return, the postage costs incurred (if a product is faulty) and your full name, address and contact details. Thank you.