The Goddess 4 - will be the the most magnificent Gym and travel bag

Just a quick update; this bag has been the subject to a lot of delays, but this is because we want to get the design perfectly right.

Yes we would have made more money if we had simply remade the Goddess 3 ! 

But we knew we had to make sure the new Goddess was simply the very best Gym and travel bag in a fast changing marketplace - and did not want to compromise - so when in early 2018 we got the samples we thought we had it all worked out. But we had made maybe too many changes - and after testing with some really kind customers ( you know who you are ladies) we concluded that we should refine the design a bit more. 

Well two factory partner changes later we are almost there! It's been a journey as they say. The UK pound has had a hammering in the last two years so the prices have been a challenge to deal with as well.

We may well do a Kickstarter launch for the new Goddess 4 - which really is a magnificent bag with lots of clever and discrete new useful features... We have made it even better than the Goddess 3 for sure, and that was really difficult to do.

Please bear with us and sign up for our newsletter ( hello@workplay-bags)  if you have not done so already, and we will be sending out sneak previews of the bag.....

Aimee Ford
Aimee Ford


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